I am VERY serious about protecting the identities of my clients. It should be obvious why I screen but in case you don't know..   1. I don't want to be attacked or murdered because I stupidly lured some random violent stranger to me without checking to see if he was a killer first.   2. That's it. My safety is not negotiable.     When you contact me supply as much information as you you can the first time, such as your name, age, city or town of residence, general appearance, etc. Sensitive info can relayed five convenient ways:   1. Through this website - There is a separate tab to screen. This is my Preferred method its best to follow up with an email. 2. By text - text 503-561-1967 from your REAL UNBLOCKED NUMBER 2. By voice call - Please messege me with your intent to call.  I do not take cold calls which means that your call will not be answered unless i am expecting it. AGAIN FROM YOUR REAL UNBLOCKED
NUMBER. 3. By secure email - Also preferred Email 4. In person - Coffee or lunch meet and greets in public are $100 Dinner dates are $150. please have your ID handy. 5. Third party screening services - P411 (perferred), Verify Him and Date Check (see the links page). I can offer discountes for P411 membership. I do not accept any other board whitelists. Please remember to be clear about your perfered method of contact. This should take one or two communications. If you can't provide the information I require please look elsewhere.    I rely heavily on provider references so if you have them please provide them.   Keep in mind that I need to VERIFY the information given, that can involve a discreet call, email or an ID. I'm an equal opportunity provider but I will gladly dismiss the rude, shady and dishonest. Time wasters are easily spotted and dismissed.   As I said before, I am VERY serious about protecting the identities of my clients and prospective clients. I do not keep a little black book or save sensitive information. I am happy to get to know you by your alias. I have no problem with using your fake name, email or burn phone. That is only AFTER I know what kind of person I'm dealing with. Just be forthcoming from the start and you'll find screening with me safe discreet and painless.